How to renew your Domain?

How to renew your domain name with AUHost4u?

You will find here all the information to renew your domain name. We will explain step-by-step how to the renew one or more domain names, what happens when a domain expires, how to cancel a domain and even how to set up the auto-renewal option.

Domain Name Grace Period

What happen during the domain grace period?

When your domain expires, your website and mail service will stop functioning, and no changes can be made to the domain.

However, for generic TLDs (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, etc.), you have a period of about 30 days at AUHost4u after the actual expiration date during which you can still renew the domain at the regular rate.

If you do not renew the domain within this grace period, it enters a redemption stage for 30 days (sometimes more) at the Registry. At this stage your domain may be auctioned and bought.

As an owner, you still have an option to return the domain at this stage (if it’s not auctioned off) at a redemption fee (you can contact our Support team to check what would be the exact fee for your domain) plus its regular renewal cost.

If the domain is not recovered from redemption your domain will be cancelled from your AUHost4u account and you will not be able to edit or manage it anymore.

Usually, generic TLDs are released 70-80 days (sometimes up to 120 days) after the expiration date if not returned from redemption and if not auctioned off.

PLEASE NOTE: once the domain has been released, the registration is carried out on a first come, first served basis.


How to keep your domain name active?

You have several options to keep your domain up and running:

1) If you happen to notice a soon-to-expire domain you would like to keep, make sure to renew it in time in several easy steps following our guidelines. Reminders are sent on your email address before your domain expiration. If your contact information are kept up to date you will never miss a renewal.

2) Another option we likely recommend is to enable the auto-renew feature. This way your AUHost4u account balance (or a card/bank account) will be used for renewal. If you wish to secure and do not worry about your domain renewal, this option is for you.


How to renew my domain?

How to manage your domain name?

You can renew your domain at any time through your Client Area. At AUHost4u we do not charge any additional fee for domain registration and renewal. The price displayed is the one from the Registrar.

In order to renew your domain, please do the following:

1. Sign into your AUHost4u account. (If you have forgotten your password, please use the “Forgot Password” button).

login-page-auhost4u-client-area -account

2. Click on “My Domains” section on the top and click on the domain you wish to manage.


3. On this page you will find all the information related to your domain:

  • Domain Name
  • First Payment Amount
  • Registration Date
  • Recurring Amount
  • Next Due Date
  • Payment Method
  • Domain Name Status
  • SSL Status
  • SSL Start Date
  • SSL Issuer Name
  • SSL Expiry Date

4. On the left pane in the “Actions” section you can select

Then select the number of years you wish to renew your domain for and proceed with the checkout.


1) If you renew the domain prior to its expiration date, the number of years the domain is renewed for will be added to the actual expiration date, not to the renewal date (the date you submit the order).

2) If your domain has already expired, and you would like to reactivate it, please refer to the section “How can I renew an expired domain?” for more details.

3) If you do not wish to renew your domain any longer simply remove all payment method linked with your domain renewal and disable the Auto-Renewal.

4) The registration term cannot exceed full 10 years. Thus, if you have registered a domain for 1 year, you can renew your domain for 9 additional years maximum.


How to cancel my domain name?

Log in your Client Area.

If you are unsure of the password then please use the “Forgot” link on the above page to reset it.

login-page-auhost4u-client-area -account

If you wish to manage your Domains, please click on the section: “Domains” -> “My Domains”.


If you own several domains, simply use the lookup tool, located on the top right of your screen, to find your domain easily. From there you can see your domain next due date, if the auto-renew is activated or not and if this domain is active or not.

Click on the domain you wish to manage.


On the left side, you can select “Manage”:

  • To manage the Auto Renewal click on Auto Renew > Click on the button labeled as “OFF” to disable the auto renew or “ON” to activate the auto renew.

You cannot cancel a domain like you would cancel a service. As you already paid for your domain, you legally own it until its expiration. To cancel a domain you can either:

  • Let it expire. Simply make sure you have deactivated the Auto-Renewal and removed any linked payment method such as a PayPal account
  • Release the domain. You simply do not wish to own it anymore. Releasing the domain takes effect immediately after the request.

You can also select “Actions”:


Is it possible to have my domains renewed automatically?

How to enable / disable the Auto-Renew?

Yes, and that’s very easy. Simply turn ON the Auto Renew feature for a domain. Click on “My Domains” section. You will see the Auto-Renewal status in your domain list. To turn ON or OFF, click on the domain you wish to manage and click on Auto-Renew.

For domain auto-renewals you will need to link a valid payment method that will be charged when your domain is due.


NOTE: The system will attempt to renew your domain 30 days prior to its expiration. If your payment method is not valid anymore (your credit card has expired for example) the renewal will not happen.

To link a card that will be used for auto-renewal, click on the Billing section, select Payment Methods and click on Add a new credit card.

You can also select PayPal to pay for auto-renewals of your services.

If you do not want to use your credit card for the auto-renewals or do not have one, feel free to top up your AUHost4u account balance with the amount required for the transaction using your PayPal account.

How can I renew my expired domain?

Once the domain expires, it enters a renew grace period.

Other domains can be renewed during the renew grace period (30 days for most gTLDs) by following these instructions:

1. Sign into your AUHost4u account and select My Domains from the top menu.

2. Find the domain you’d like to renew. Click on the “Renew” button.

3. Click the Confirm Order button and proceed with the checkout.

Prior expiration, you can select as well the Auto-renewal option. This option allows you to renew automatically your domain upon expiry. You simply need to set up a payment method and activate the Auto-Renewal option by clicking on the button ON/OFF.

What happens to my domain name after it expires?

Each domain name has its own registration and expiration date. Our domain names can be registered for a period from 1 to 10 years. They can be renewed, if necessary, while they are still active or reactivated after their expiration date.

The Domain Registry marks any domain name as expired when the expiration date first begins. Once this happens, the domain name is then moved to AUHost4u parking name servers. This will stop the respective website and its mail service.

This is an example.

The expired domain names will remain in your AUHost4u account after their expiration date. You will not be able to modify or use them anymore. If you wish to erase a domain from your list, contact our support.

The Domain Name Status

The domain names will appear in your Domain List as follows:

1) Labeled with Cancelled Status.


2) Labeled with Expired Status.


3) Labeled with Active Status.


During this time, you may reactivate them directly from your AUHost4u account.

If not reactivated, the respective domain names will be set under Expired and will enter the Redemption Grace Period. It may still be possible to restore the domain name.

Please be aware there is an additional redemption fee associated with this.

After the expiration date, AUHost4u parking page will be displayed instead of your website. Keep in mind that any stored website files on your hosting account will not be affected. However, all emails that are sent to your domain name-based email address will be lost and non retrievable.

PLEASE NOTE: If your domain name is reactivated within 30-day Grace Period, its respective DNS settings will be restored. Due to DNS propagation, this might take approximately 24-48 hours for any domain-related services to start working again.

The contact information for expired domain names cannot be changed or deleted. The Edit button in the Domain Contact Information section will be disabled.

Rest assured, we send reminders.

To ensure that services will not expire unnecessarily, we send email reminders (45 days, 30 days, 15 days, 7 days and 1 day, respectively) before the actual expiration date as well as on the expiration date itself.

These email reminders will be sent to two email addresses (if different):

  1. Your account’s primary email address
  2. Your domain Registrant email address.

You need further assistance?

With AUHost4u you will not lose your domain name. Thus, our reminders, and our auto-renew option, you are certain to keep your domain as long as you want it. And if you ever wish to discontinue the domain, simply let it expire.

If you have a question, if you need our assistance to renew you domain name, register the ID protection or anything else, please contact our Support Team via our ticket platform or our live chat.

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