How to manage my Domain Name?

Domain Management

You need to know how to manage your domain name? You will find in this article all you need to know about your domain name and how to manage it.

Can I move a domain from one AUHost4u account to another?

You can move a domain to another AUHost4u account. Simply raise a request here to our Domain Team. Make sure you’ve included:

  • Your Domain name
  • The new Domain holder’s name and email address
  • The effective date

That’s it! If the request has been properly filled for the destination account, the domain will be moved to it almost instantly.

Here are some tips for you:

1) There is no need to wait to move a domain to another AUHost4u account. You can do it any time.

2) The domain ownership change is final and we will not be able to reverse it. If you need the domain back, please contact the new owner in this regard.

3) It is not possible to move expired domain names between AUHost4u accounts. They should be renewed first.

4) WhoisGuard/PremiumDNS subscriptions (both enabled/disabled) can be pushed between AUHost4u accounts only along with the domain.

Domain push does not affect the DNS settings and that is why there will be no downtime (for both the website and the email service).


  • Once the domain is completely moved to another account, the new domain holder becomes responsible for all the payments regarding the domain.
  • If you own both accounts, it is necessary to link the domain holder’s name and email address.
  • The new domain holder will need to update his own contact information. You can manage your domain contact information directly in your Client Area.

How to connect your Domain to a server or a hosting plan?

Setting up a domain name and link it to your hosting plan may be easier than you expect.

In fact, when you register a domain name you need to associate it with a hosting server where your data will be stored.

To link your domain with a hosting server, here below 3 scenario where:

  1. You have a Hosting plan with AUHost4u.
  2. You have a Hosting plan elsewhere but registered your domain with AUHost4u.
  3. You have your own server or you were provided with a set of host records to connect the domain to your hosting.

1. You have a Hosting plan with AUHost4u.

If you have a domain but not registered or managed via your AUHost4u account you simply need to make sure the domain points to our Web Hosting DNS nameservers ( and Feel free to ask our staff confirmation, you can reach them via our Live Chat here.

If the domain is registered with AUHost4u, log in your Client Area and:

  1. Select Domains from the top sidebar and click on My Domains.
  2. Find the Domain you want to manage. Click on the dropdown list button and click on Manage Name Servers.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a Reseller hosting plan with us, the name servers are different and you will be required to point the domain to your own private or reseller name servers.

Once the name servers are changed, this may affect your website as it most likely will not be available. The propagation period can take up to 24 hours. If you opt for a migration to AUHost4u, we make sure your website suffer no downtimes and always stay available even during its migration.


Now that the naame servers for your domain are correctly set you just need to update your control panel.

If the domain is not the main one for your hosting account, you will need to add it as Addon Domain to your cPanel or Plesk interface.

Using the lookup tool, you can easily find the feature called “Addon” in the Domain Section.

Simply click on it and add your domain there.

That’s it! Congratulations!

2. You have a Hosting plan elsewhere and you were provided with the name servers for your domain.

To connect your domain to a third-party Hosting server or hosting plan via name servers is very easy.

You should have received from your hosting provider the correct name server. You simply need to set those:

  1. Log in your Client Area.
  2. Select Domains from the top sidebar and click on My Domains.
  3. Find the Domain you want to manage. Click on the dropdown list button and click on Manage Name Servers.
  4. Fill in the name servers given by your Hosting provider.
  5. Click on the Change Nameservers button.

That’s it!


What to do with an unwanted domain?

According to our Domain Registration Agreement, all the domain registrations/renewals are final.

Once purchased or renewed cannot be cancelled or refunded.

PLEASE NOTE: we cannot change or edit the domain name after its registration.

If you have a domain name that you no longer wish to use, or you just want to cancel it, you can either:

1) Register your new domain via our Domain Name Search Tool.

2) Try to sell your unwanted domain name.

3) Ensure that your auto-renewal option is turned off and simply let the domain name to expire. Find here how.


You need further assistance managing your domain name?

Feel free to raise all your questions to our Support team here or you can contact our Live Chat Support staff here, just click on the button that appears on the right down corner of your screen and start chatting with one of our agents.

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