How to register a domain name?

Domain research process

How to look for a domain?

Looking to register a domain name? Want to find more information regarding its availability? Find out all our advice here to find the perfect domain name.

Our Lookup Tool will ease your domain research. We provide you with essential information and a list of similar domain names you may be interested in.

  • Simply enter the domain name you wish to register.
  • Select the TLD (Top Level Domain like .com,, etc.)
  • Click on the “Search Now” button or press enter.

You will be redirected to our information page:


PLEASE NOTE: certain TLDs such as have special requirements or need additional details provided upon registration (ABN, ACN, etc.). Some TLDs can only be registered for a minimum of 2 years such as

For example, you wish to register Go to our Lookup Tool enter to the Search field and click on Search.

Domain name status

If the domain status is:

  • Available: you can add it to the cart and/or select other available TLDs.
  • Unavailable: unfortunately this domain name is already taken and you will need to chose another one.

Registration contact details

If you register a domain name for the first time, you will need to provide your contact details (the postal address, phone, email, etc.). This is a requirement for the registration. If you register a domain on behalf of a company, fill the details accordingly with the respective company name, address, etc..

PLEASE NOTE: By default, these contact details you provide will be used for all future orders and registration. You can easily change your information details in your client area.

Add a web hosting package

When you add a domain name to your Shopping Cart, you will receive the following options to select:

  • Add a Web Hosting package
  • Transfer your domain to us

Click on the “Explore packages now” button to select the web hosting plan you’d like. If you have trouble finding what’s best for your requirement, please contact our Live Chat or Support (available 24/7). You can also check out this article.

Once all the necessary products are in your Cart, click on the Checkout button to review the items added to your Shopping Cart, and click again on the Checkout button to proceed further.

Domain nameservers

Here you can add the amount of years for specific products and/or change their billing cycle. You can also choose the name servers for your domain. If you host with AUHost4u, the default name servers set up are:


PLEASE NOTE: You can save up to 2 months off the annual billing cycle and up to a year off the triennially billing cycle.

If you need help registering your domain, feel free to ask our 24/7 Support team via our Live Chat or Support ticket. Click here if you need help raising a ticket.

Domain configuration

Once you’ve purchased a domain name and received the confirmation, log in your Client Area.

If you are unsure of the password then please use the “Forgot” link on the above page to reset it.

To manage your Domains, please click on the section: “Domains” -> “My Domains”.

If you own several domains, simply use the lookup tool, located on the top right of your screen, to find your domain easily.

From there you can see your domain next due date, if the auto-renew is activated or not and if this domain is active or not.

Click on the domain you wish to manage.

To manage the Auto Renewal click on Auto Renew > Click on the button labeled as “OFF” to disable the auto renew or “ON” to activate the auto renew. If you wish stop the renewal and “cancel” your domain, simply make sure the Auto Renew is OFF and let your domain expires on due date.

  • To manage the Nameservers of your domain, click on Nameservers then click on “Change Nameservers”.
  • To transfer your domain to another registrar, use the button “Release Domain”.
  • If you want to edit your contact information, click on “Contact Information”.

Payment settings

Billing and Contact Information

Before proceeding to the payment you need to fill in your contact information.

The majority of domain names need to have the Registrant, Administrative, Technical and Billing contacts, while others require the Registrant and ABN ( domains) or even the Registrant contact only (.EU and .UK domains).

You may choose to Use default account contact, Add new contact or Use previously saved contact. For new and previously saved contacts, there will be an option to edit and save them in your AUHost4u account:

At the time of purchase you can choose to protect your personal information and reduce the amount of spam to your inbox by enabling ID Protection for AU$2.50/Domain/Year.

Once you have filled in all the required information to register your domain name you will be redirected automatically to the payment page.

Domain payment

To change nameservers, you can click on “manage domain” button in your Domain section. Fill in the name servers you wish to set.

If the Whois and DNS settings are fine, and it’s the first time you pay for the order, you need to specify the payment method. At the Billing stage, you may choose between a Secure Card Payment, PayPal, or Account Funds.

Secure Card Payments can be made with any debit/credit card. You can use a saved card, or add and save a new one, providing the card holder’s name, the 16 digits of the credit card number, the 4 digits of its expiration date (MM/YY), the 3 digits of the CVC code and the card’s billing address.

As for the Account funds option, it can be used when the balance covers the total sum of the order. Funds become available after deposits from credit cards or PayPal.

Directly in your Domain section you can review the auto-renewal settings, the billing contact information related to the order, and save them as default for all future orders.

The auto-renewal allows you to have your domain automatically renewed upon expiry. Simply make sure your payment method is set and up to date.

On the next page, you will be able to review your order once again, check the terms of service, and pay for the products.

The selected items are processed one by one, and when your order is complete, the order summary will be printed on the screen as well as sent to your primary email address.

You can check it, resend or download as a PDF file in the Invoice History section.

That’s it! You are completely set.

How many domains can I register?

You can register as many domain names as you want. We do not have any restrictions.

Let’s suppose you’ve registered a .com domain. It can be a good idea to selectively purchase other fitting extensions, like to identify your country location or .vet if you provide veterinary services.

How long can I register a domain name for?

Unfortunately, 10 years is the maximum amount of years (between the current date and the current expiration date) for which a domain name can be registered.

For example, a domain was registered on January 1st, 2020 for 1 year, so its current expiration date is January 1st, 2021. If you decide to register for 10 years, your domain will be available until January 1st, 2030.

However some registrar will not allow you to renew your domain name prior expiration. With AUHost4u, you can renew in advance your domain.

Register today your domain name

Most business and marketing professionals will agree. Your website is the most important marketing tool, and so is your domain name.

Choosing your domain name is one of the most consequential decisions you’ll be making. Your website and its domain name represent your brand. From broadcasting content to emailing clients, your domain name will create a lasting impression.

If you need help choosing a domain name or if you need our assistance, feel free to contact our support team available 24/7.

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