How to make a payment to AUHost4u

Paying By Direct Debit

First, login to your Client Area.


Click on the green button UPDATE. You will be redirected to you contact information page, preferred payment method and payment information.


Direct debit is one of the easiest ways to pay for your account(s). In short you only update the details when you change your bank. You will never need to worry or change the details when your debit card expires.

For more information or how to sign up please contact the accounts department.

Paying By Bank Transfer

First, login to your Client Area.


If you would like to set up a Bank Transfer for your account(s) then please contact our accounts department here.

How to pay an invoice?

First, login to your Client Area.


Once logged in, navigate to the Billing section and click on My Invoices, and you will be redirected to a list of your invoices. You can also click on the icon Invoices, here on the right of your screen.


For an unpaid invoice, select the “Unpaid” box in the Status column. This will bring up a view of the Invoice, where you can select “Pay Now”. 

This will bring you to a screen where you can enter the card details to pay the invoice with.

How to update your payment details or payment preferred method?

Directly in your Client Area on the left side you will find your Client address details in the YOUR INFO box.


Click on the green button: “Update”. From there you will be able to edit and modify your account information.

When you are done, simply click on SAVE CHANGES.


To update your Payment Methods, click on the button PAYMENT METHODS in the My Account box.


You can either Add a New Credit Card, Edit or Delete you an existing card.


To Add a new Payment Method, simply fill in the required information and select the billing address.

If you need to add a new billing address you can do so from the section My Details. If you need to add another contact to your account, click on Contacts-Subcontacts.

If you need any further assistance to make a payment, update your payment information or simply cancel a service, please feel free to raise a ticket here or by contacting our Live Chat 24/7.