10 Reasons to Change your Web Hosting Provider

Migrate from one host to another


You’ve finally decided on a Web Hosting Provider to host your website with, but things haven’t ended up how you thought they would.

Maybe you’ve found that the service isn’t up to scratch. Perhaps your business has expanded and you have just outgrown your current web hosting plan!

Maybe the customer service has not been as good as you thought. You weren’t given the features that were advertised.

There are many different reasons you might want to move to a new web hosting provider. In this article we will explain some of the common reasons you may have for changing your web hosting provider in 2019.


Price is one of the most popular reasons for changing web hosting providers.

While prices certainly do vary across different hosting providers, and are not always an indication of the quality of service. Moving to a cheaper web hosting provider is always an option you can consider.

This point is especially relevant if the cheaper web hosting provider offers similar features and service as the more expensive one.


Reliability is another of the biggest and most common reasons for changing web hosting providers.

If your website is suffering from frequent downtimes for example. Then it may be an indication that your web hosting provider isn’t as good as you thought.

As keeping your website online is one of the most important factors to running your business, especially if you’re running an online store. Changing to a new hosting provider can be one of the best courses of action you can take.

Customer Service

It’s crucial not to forget about customer service because eventually something is going to go wrong. And you will need technical help with your website from your hosting provider.

If your web hosting company has a lack of responsiveness or poor quality service right then you should consider moving to a new web hosting provider.

Make sure to take a look at review websites first to see how actual customers feel about their customer service.


Another big deciding factor when choosing to move web hosting providers is the speed your website is loading for your visitors.

If your website is frequently loading slowly or not loading at all. Then this can sometimes indicate poor performance on your web hosting provider’s server – whether this is a result of defective hardware, slow networks, or software incompatibilities.

If you’re finding your websites are running poorly and it’s due to your hosting provider. Then it’s time to choose a new web hosting provider in order to improve your website’s performance.


Security is paramount, so it’s no surprise that it should be a key concern for you when deciding to move web hosting providers.

If you’re finding that your website is being compromised by malicious entities. You should definitely think about moving to a more secure hosting provider.

Also, if you’re finding that your website is being targeted by DDoS attacks you should also look into moving to a hosting provider with a more resilient network equipped with effective DDoS protection.

Finally, if you’re being continuously hacked or infected with malware. Your hosting provider may be lacking in security systems for example. And it’s often worth considering a move to a new hosting provider in this situation as well.


If your website is attracting more visitors, you will find that your website uses more bandwidth.

What this can sometimes translate to is your website using more bandwidth than your current hosting provider gives you. Meaning your website will experience issues and may even experience downtime.

Obviously this is something that you don’t want happening so in this situation.

You should look at either upgrading to a plan with higher resource limits or if your hosting provider doesn’t offer this, moving to a new hosting provider.

Many hosting providers now offer hosting plans with no bandwidth limits. So you won’t run into issues exceeding your bandwidth allowance.

Additional Fees

We’ve all seen hidden fees in the small print of things that we buy. And nobody wants to pay extra for things that they aren’t even aware they’re paying for.

Some hosting companies sneak in additional charges to your bill without making you aware, so you may be out of pocket!

Additionally, sometimes errors can occur in your billing and you can be charged extra without being informed.

In either of these situations, it’s best to move to a new hosting provider that is more transparent with their pricing.

Storage Space

When your business grows in size, you may find that you need more storage space as you add new content to your website.

Unfortunately, some web hosting providers provide less than ideal storage limits. And sometimes offer little to no opportunity to upgrade your storage space.

It’s very important that you have enough space for your website as well as enough space to spare in case you need to expand and add more, so in this scenario.

It would be best to find a new web hosting provider that can provide you with more storage space.


The features that web hosting providers offer can differ greatly. Some web hosting providers might offer great additional features that other web hosting providers don’t.

The most common of these features include web-based management control panels such as cPanel and Plesk. They provide easy to use control over every area of your hosting account.

Many hosting providers do provide features like this these days however some don’t, especially low-cost web hosting providers.

If you need specific features that your current hosting provider doesn’t provide. Then it’s time to move to a new host!


The level of control that you have over your hosting account and website will also differ with each hosting provider.

While most hosting providers will give you full control over your hosting account and files, some web hosting providers will limit the control you have over your account.

This can be done in a variety of ways, with the most common being a limited set of control features in the custom billing system.

If you need complete control over your account. Then in this situation it’s best to move to a new hosting provider.

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