Covid-19 Business Update

AUHost4u Business Update

We fully understand the world is changing rapidly at the moment and want to give you a very quick update on the situation at AUHost4u.

We feel it’s very important to stay close and support our customers during these difficult times. At this time AUHost4u is operating normally with no changes to the services or support we offer.

Going forward if you need any assistance in becoming more mobile, or providing staff with the ability to work from home, please reach out to our sales team as we can offer a range of solutions to help your business be more mobile.

Maybe you need to offer secure access to your data? We have experience setting up  dedicated space such as Virtual Private Servers.


Contact – Stay compliant and host your data in a secure location.

We are currently offering huge discounts on our Hosting Plans to fight against Covid-19 economical effects to help you keep running online your websites and business.

Visit our Website for more information and promotions.

Take care of you and your close relations. And please follow the World Health Organization updates so we can altogether end this crisis.

Stay safe.


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