AUHost4u get a new facelift and platform

The 2020 Web Hosting

2020 is here and we’re delighted to unveil the all new, redesigned AUHost4u website!

We’ve decided that our website was due a facelift so we’ve completely redesigned the website from the ground up. All websites should be great to look at and ours is no exception. Say hello to the best hosting in Australia!

Our focus has always been commitment to our customers and providing the best, easiest to use website hosting experience possible. As such, we’ve designed our new website with this philosophy in mind. Now you can find all of the hosting services we offer in one simple, easy-to-use place.

Web hosting shouldn’t be only for the technical minded and we understand that hosting a website can seem complicated sometimes. That’s why we aim to provide the most accessible, intuitive solutions for getting your Australian business launched.

We’d also like to take the opportunity to explain the different types of hosting services we offer from our Sydney Syncom Data Centre. Coming along with some new launches.

A truly Australian Web Hosting

The bread and butter of any successful website is reliable, fast web hosting for your business. After all, you can’t have a website without somewhere to host it!

100% Aussie Hosting

Our truly Australian hosting is equipped with the latest and greatest in web technologies. It features LiteSpeed Web Server acceleration technology, 99.9% uptime and Solid State Drives for faster access speeds. On top of this, we include the easy-to-use cPanel control panel with all web hosting plans. So you can manage everything in your hosting plan in one convenient interface.

No matter what type of website you’re running, we have the perfect hosting plan for you. For example, if you’re finding that your website is growing fast, you need more resources, or are adding more websites to your plan? No problem – you can upgrade your hosting plan at any time, in just a few clicks. Find out here the different types of Web Hosting.

Shared web hosting provides the ideal entry-level plan for your small to medium sized website. Such as with the useful cPanel control panel and LiteSpeed web acceleration technology, you are fully equipped to start your online journey, without breaking the bank.

The New WordPress

New WordPress hosting solutions offer the perfect platform to host your WordPress website. Most importantly, we’ve equipped our servers with the ultimate WordPress stack with a range of optimisations to provide the fastest, most robust WordPress hosting available.

Reseller Hosting Services

Above all, reseller hosting has had a revamp with updated plans to suit resellers of any size. You can expect the same high level of performance as shared hosting, with the ability to manage many hosting accounts from the Web Host Manager (WHM) interface.

Business Email

All-new Email hosting has launched, providing a dedicated email hosting solution at a very affordable price. Plans are compatible with the latest conferencing tools such as group chat, audio or video chat, and even team collaboration software.


Designing a website has traditionally been an arduous task, requiring dozens of hours of work, or recruitment of a web designer. With AUHost4u, you can easily design a professional website in just minutes.

Along with our own website’s redesign, we’ve introduced two new design services to cover aimed at providing the necessary tools. Crafted for novice users to design their own websites, as well as a bespoke professional website design service.

For example, our new Website Builder tool is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to start building a website, but doesn’t have any prior experience with web design or development. With the powerful yet intuitive drag-and-drop tool, anyone can design a stunning website in just minutes. Featuring hundreds of pre-built themes for many different types of businesses. As well as mobile responsiveness and over 40 widgets to choose from. The website builder is great for any beginner looking to start a website.

Another new addition to our roster is the custom web design service. For complex websites that need a complete redesign. For new websites with advanced features. Or if you just need a professional designer’s touch. We now offer a bespoke web design service. Just contact us with your requirements and we can design a website to your exact specifications.

VPS Hosting

If your business has grown and you need performance that you just can’t get with shared hosting, but you don’t want to invest in a dedicated server. Then Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is a good option. Not only will you have full control over a powerful virtualized server, you’ll also be able to scale your setup more easily while saving money.

For instance, VPS hosting plans are geared with superfast SSD storage for quick access times. As well as the comprehensive WHM control panel for managing everything on your server easily. With an exclusive server at your disposal, installed with the operating system of your choice, you’ll be fully equipped  to host any website or application with the best performance.

Online marketing services

Getting online is just the first step to a successful online business. After launching your website, you’ll need to spend lots of time marketing your business if you want to see any growth. This can be a complex, time-consuming task with many different methods. At AUHost4u, we want to help you expand your online presence with our new online marketing services.

First, we’ll perform a website audit to help us plan your marketing campaign – free of charge. We’ll then use this information, along with some details from yourself, to create a tailored marketing plan to use going forward. We’ll then help launch this marketing campaign across the various platforms and use our selection of marketing tools to track your success.

Support Portal

Finally, we’ve made some much needed upgrades to our support portal over the Christmas period, to make it easier for customers to get the help they need when something goes wrong.

The new ticketing system is significantly easier to use and more simplified than the previous system. Therefore it’s easier than ever to contact us if you have any issues. You can visit the support portal here.

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